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Food and Wine Pairings

The food and wine pairing at Ab Astris is an immersive experience led by our in-house sommelier and executive chef, Mitchell Sharrock. He is a one-man-show who will be preparing and serving your food, pouring your wine, and walking you through each pour and the food he has chosen to pair with it. This experience includes 5 wines with a corresponding food course, all made fresh with locally-sourced ingredients. Our goal with this experience is to show you what our wines taste like when being sampled alongside other flavors and textures, in an effort to give you an idea of how they might fit on your family's dinner table.

The food and wine pairing lasts 1.5 hours from arrival to exit and can be shared with up to 10 people. We offer a total of 5 time slots over the course of the weekend, by reservation only. Reservations are open until fully booked, with seats available for an entire party of up to 10, or separate parties of smaller groups. The experience starts promptly, so any late arrivals past 10 minutes will have to rebook at another time.

Most courses will be served family style, depending on the size of the seating. Much preparation will take place before your arrival, therefore food allergy requests will need to be inquired about before booking the reservation. 

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  • Reservations must be booked 4 days in advance of the date you pick.
  • Deposit: $20 nonrefundable
  • This experience is $70 for customers and $55 for our Wine Club Members.